Your Technical skills

Based on our current expertise we decided to focus on partnering up with people with these skills:
- You are a software engineer who regularly writes code.
- You designed diverse software systems and deployed them into production,and also large-scale distributed systems.
- You have a good level of written and spoken English.
- Then, you have experience solving coding problems/questions using such techniques as dynamic programming, depth-first search etc in a short amount of time (usually most people get such experience from competitions or websites like Codeforces, HackerRank etc).


Our Culture

We are a community of software engineers that help each other achieve career goals that are much harder to achieve alone.
This means we are focused on people who will see other job candidates as collaborators rather than competitors and be willing to help.
We believe it is important for engineers to share their exprience such as preparation and application progress with the group, also sharing whether you failed or succeeded in an interview.
Not everyone will enjoy that type of community and we respect that, but for now we decided to focus on people who are more open collaboration.



This is a bit tasky program that helped engineers land their dream jobs at top companies abroad.
In order to achieve that in a short amount of time it is very important for us that everyone who applies commits to:
- spending 12-15 hours a week for 3 months on our program.
- attending 95% of our meetings
- consistent and growing weekly job preparation progress.
We recommend applying even if you think you don't have everything required yet.

Outhere helps software engineers from emerging markets get jobs abroad at companies like Google.