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Land Your Dream Job.

Online accelerator for African software engineers that want to go global .We help you get more interviews and nail them for top tech companies like Google, Microsoft and more.

Designed for career success

Outthere is an online accelerator for software engineers that provides
one-on-one mentorship, training and advice to help you land your next job.
You only pay if you succeed in getting hired and start work at a high-paying job first.

Learn from the best

We've brought together the best software engineers from top companies, big and small to mentor you.

Anywhere & Anytime

Learn remotely with live video sessions tailored to suit your schedule, including unlimited support whenever you want.

1-on-1 Mentoring

Meet with your mentor, who works with you every week until you get hired at a top tech company.



To get into Outthere you need to pass application and resume review, online coding test, and a technical interview. We will try to provide useful feedback to you.

Trial period

We will provide a curriculum and you will be sharing updates on your progress with us for 4 weeks. This will help you try a part of our program and help us see how much time you are able to spend.


If you pass the trial period, we will conduct a more detailed skill evaluation with experienced engineers and they will help you with your long-term career and short-term goals.

Community for preparation

You will join our online community of smart, and helpful engineers. You will regularly meet and do online practice interviews within an assigned group.


You travel around the world to participate in onsite interviews.Only if you pass online interviews.

Salary negotiation

Once you start getting offers we start leveraging our deep knowledge of salaries and experience negotiating them in order to get you an extra boost.

Your new job

You start your new job abroad!


Here are the challenges we saw great engineers face without Outthere:

- They apply too early, get a rejection, and have to wait for several months to reapply
- They think they are not ready yet while they are actually ready
- They apply only to many companies at the same time, their process is slow, and they get either only one or no offers, that means it's very hard for them to negotiate their salary
- Poor salary negotiation
- They either forget or don't know about all good companies to apply to, they only know Google, Facebook, Amazon, and Microsoft, but forget about Quora, Salesforce, and Stripe
- They fail to consider many things interviewers are looking for
- Not knowing how to interact well with interviewers, especially bad interviewers
- They fail to pass resume screening without expert resume review and referrals

You pay nothing upfront. You only pay us 9% of your first year's income when you land a high paying job abroad.

Our Mission

At Outthere, our mission is to help african software developer improve
and land your dream job in companies like Google, Facebook etc. We
believe that getting job at one of the world’s best companies sets people
on a great path to realize their potential.

Outthere helps software engineers from africa get jobs abroad.